While 11th and 12th HSC is proclaimed as the easiest board of education compared to CBSE and ICSE, parents often tend to forget that 10th standard SSC board examination is the first crucial milestone in the life of students. Students at this stage are oblivious to Higher Secondary school board paper patterns and the methodology of preparing for HSC board exams.

To supplement students with what they require to clear 11th and 12th HSC board exams with Achievers Academy, provide extensively advanced 11th and 12th Science classes in Pune. We equip our students with answer paper presentation practice, regular test series, well researched course material,extensive writing practice, personalized guidance, all time assistance and much more at our 11th and 12th Science classes in Pune.

11th and 12th SSC is also the time where participation in various subject related competitive exams such as JEE and NEET, is at the peak and most beneficial for students in terms of building their portfolios. That is where 11th and 12th science classes come into play as well. Our 11th and 12th coaching classes at Achievers Academy also prepares students for these comprehensive examinations making them excel in every academic venture they take part in.