ACHIEVERS ACADEMY PCMB Group ( Physics-Chemistry-Maths-Biology) Science CBSE Board Preparation

11th and 12th PCMB group ( Physics-Chemistry-Maths-Biology) Science, CBSE is one the most strenuous examinations of school time to prepare for. It requires a great deal of hard work, determination, time to time improvements, along with step by step professional guidance from Achievers Academy.

Achievers Academy understands the pressure on students during these last two years of their schooling, wherein they are required to prepare themselves for the competitive world outside. Thus, we at Achievers Academy offer methodical coaching and a healthy competitive atmosphere bestowed by our team of highly qualified and competent teaching faculties giving quality education to students, thus lending them a leading edge in their preparation for 11th and 12th CBSE Board.

We provide our students with result-oriented content, intensive test-series; comprehensive yet simple to understand study material, continuous assessment and all time assistance in preparing them for their 11th and 12th PCMB CBSE Board examination.

The motivation and guidance that we extend to our students helps them determine their own ability and shows them the path to success in their CBSE Board examination